First Review of Kaabil by Umair Sandhu

Kaabil is a revenge saga, one ingredient that has been the staple diet of Hindi films since time immemorial. It is a powerful film. It has the power to sweep you off your feet from the word ‘go’. It has a riveting story, which has been told with flourish by director Sanjay Gupta. And, of course, it has a knockout performance by Hrithik Roshan. 

There’s so much happening in every scene and the screenplay is so gripping that you don’t feel the need to look at the auditorium ceiling or at your watch at brief intervals. You aren’t restless. As moviegoers, we’ve watched countless good versus evil fares over the years and although Kaabil belongs to the same family, not once does it take the beaten track. The story has been told differently and most importantly, the story offers so many twists-n-turns that you just can’t guess what would unfold next. 

Director Sanjay Gupta deserves brownie points for not just coming up with an interesting story, but also presenting it [refreshingly] differently. The storyteller balances the light moments and the ones demanding intensity with expertise.

Cinematography is stunning. The film bears a stylish look all through. The action sequences are brilliantly executed. Music by Rajesh Roshan is Top Notch. Editing is Sharp & Crispy.

Hrithik Roshan Steals the Show all the way. One of the Best Performance by him. An Award Worthy Performance by him. Yami Gautam is Fabulous. She looks fresh and photogenic and acts her part brilliantly. Ronit Roy & Rohit Roy, the villain, is first-rate. Good Performances by all supporting actors.

On the whole, Kaabil is a winner all the way. Strongly Recommended to all of u.

Umair Sandhu Rating : 4*/5*



First Review of Raees by Umair Sandhu

Raees is a typical Bollywood film. It’s the kind of cinema we relished in the 1980s and enjoy to this date, For those who adore masala movies, celebrate mainstream cinema, relish the cinema of yore and of course, hero-worship Shahrukh Khan Khan, Raees is your ticket this season. Like I pointed out at the outset, Raees is a hardcore masala entertainer that’s desi at heart. Shahrukh Khan die-hard fans and also fans of mainstream cinema, are, to put in filmi lingo, absolutely paisa vasool. In fact, SRK star power is so so so strong that you’re ready to overlook and forgive-and-forget any blemish that you may encounter in the movie.

Outstanding Direction by Rahul Dholakia. Music is Soulful specially ” Zaalima ” is already Chartbuster. Laila Main Laila is already a rage and Sunny Leone’s presence in the song only acts as sone pe suhaaga. The action/stunts do complete justice to Shahrukh Khan persona. The action plays a crucial role in a masala entertainer and adds so much power to those scenes. Dialogue are Clap Worthy. Terrific Story & Screenplay. Cinemtography is Eye Catching. Production Designing is First Rate. Editing is Sharp & Crispy.

Honestly speaking, Raees is a Shahrukh Khan vehicle and the actor is the Big Boss here. You cannot imagine anyone else doing what he does. And every time he plays to the gallery, many in the audience [especially at single screens] are sure to fling the loose change on screen as a mark of appreciation for his on-screen antics. He defies logic and gets away with it! Award Worthy Performance by King Khan SRK. 

Mahira Khan has the infectious charm and radiates confidence all through the enterprise. She looks HOT & Stunning throughout the film. Nawazuddin Siddique gave Top Notch Performance. He Nailed as a COP. Good Performances by all supporting actors.

On the whole, Raees has Shahrukh Khan, Shahrukh Khan and Shahrukh Khan + Entertainment, Entertainment and Entertainment in large doses. The film has the masala to work big time with the masses. This one will rewrite history. Sure shot Blockbuster!

Umair Sandhu Rating : 5*/5* ☆☆☆☆☆

First Review Ok Jaanu by Umair Sandhu

Ok Jaanu works for two major reasons. The first being the powerhouse performances by its lead pair. Having watched their careers from the very onset, I would like to state that the two actors deliver career-best performances in Ok Jaanu. The second reason why Ok Jaanu works is due to the terrific moments in its second hour. Final word? Ok Jaanu is worth a watch. If you are a romantic, or even if you are not, Ok Jaanu is a must-see for its interpretation of modern-day romance. Recommended! 

Shaad Ali has handled the subject with flourish. Besides, the film is not merely rich in substance, but is equally alluring when it comes to style and overall look. The DoP plays a major role here. The film bears a magnificent look all through and the panoramic locales of Mumbai only make every frame stand out. The costumes are simply Cool. 

A.R Rahman music has a lot of heart. Again, it won’t be wrong to state that their compositions take the movie forward. The background score is top notch. In fact, the rich score compliments the mood of the characters beautifully. Dialogues are wonderful. Excellent Direction by Shaad Ali. Story & Screenplay by Mani Ratnam is Terrific. Editing is Sharp & Crispy.

Shraddha Kapoor gave Career Best Performance ever. She Steals the Show all the Way. Totally Award Worthy Performance. Aditya Roy Kapur also gave Top Notch Performance. Their Chemistry is totally HOTTEST. Naseeruddin Shah is First Rate. Good Performances by supporting actors. 

Overall ! Go for One of the Best Romantic Movie ever made in Bollywood. Lets Fall in Love with ” Ok Jaanu “.

Umair Sandhu Rating : ☆☆☆☆

First Review of Bairavaa by Umair Sandhu

It looks like Vijay has realized that he can be in mass masala films that are not inly entertaining to his fan base but also to every segment in the audience. He did this earlier with films like Ghilli, Pokkiri, Thuppaki, Kaththi, Jilla, Theri & does it now with Bairavaa. 

Bairavaa is full on Mass Masala Entertainer with Power Packed Performances, Rocking Music, Bone Breaking Action Stunts & Clap Worthy Dialogues. As per Technical aspects, It has rich production values, shot beautifully too. Movie throughout has a grand look thanks to cinematographer good work. Music is Rocking. Sharp Editing. Full on engaging mass film. Diaogues are Perfect. 

As per performances, Vijay Steals the Show all the way. He is his usual self and is at ease in the mass hero role. He is ONE MAN SHOW. He gave One of the Beat Performance of his career. Keerthy Suresh looks cute but also looked glamorous in songs and share good chemistry with Vijay. Jagapathi babu also gave terrific performance. Good Performances by all supporting actors.

Overall ! Bairavaa is full on PAISA VASOOL Family entertainment. It will be liked by Classes and Masses. Go for it ! This Pongal ! U will go gaga over Vijay’s film. 

Umair Sandhu Rating : ☆☆☆☆

First Review Khaidi No 150 by Umair Sandhu

Khaidi no. 150 entertains with a message.

Despite the commercial elements, Khaidi no 150 brings to the fore a very critical issue. V.V Vinayak and Chiranjeevi ” Khaidi No 150 ” impressed the audience with strong story line. It is a good social message oriented film in a commercial form. 1st and 2nd half is totally terrific. Top notch background Score. Eye Catching Cinematography. Story and Screenplay is totally engaging. DSP Music is simply ROCKING. Single Screens Public will do Dance inside the theatres. Songs are Paisa Vasool. Climax Fights are MINDBLOWING & sure to set a trend for future movies. Dialogues are CLAP WORTHY. Production Designing & Choreography is also First Rate.

As per Performances : Chiranjeevi delivered a lifetime performance, & showed a brilliance variety. Simply MEGA STAR OF TOLLYWOOD Nailed in his 150th movie. He gave Award Worthy Performance. He ROCKED all the way. ONE MAN SHOW ! Kajal Aggarwal is cute and complements really well with Chiranjeevi. Their Chemistry is simply HOTTEST ! Tarun Arora also gave fine performance. Good acting by all supporting actors. Ram Charan looks Hot in Cameo. Raai Laxmi Item Song is Citii Maar & Amazing. 

Overall Result : V.V Vinayak has made use of Chiranjeevi Potential & delivered Powerful Paisa Vasool Massy film with a few twist in both halves. Overall Go for it. One of the Best Movie of Mega Star. His Fans will go gaga over him. Strongly Recommended. 

Umair Sandhu Rating ! ☆☆☆☆